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I am Mohawk and Ojibwe woman who grew up culturally disconnected from my Indigenous roots as a result of government assimilation policies. 

I have spent my life reconnecting to my birthright.

My understanding of assimilation policies and the historical abuse they inflicted

caused me to develop an unhealthy compassion for the trauma informed behaviours

of my partner, who was also Indigenous.

SHAME TO SHINE is my diary in poetry. What my experiences with domestic violence looked like behind closed doors, what I went through after the separation and how empowered I felt after finding myself again. I pray this collection helps others find their way out and helps those struggling to understand why their loved ones continue to go back. 

This kind of tragic human behaviour is too common around the world, and today I understand my story is the story of so many, even though at the time, I felt completely alone. I people pleased my way into agreeability so often I ended up in a life that did not agree with me. 


One day I sat down and sifted through my piles of poetry and witnessed my own becoming. The beautiful shift from shame to shine brighter than I did previous to the abuse left me in tears. I felt inspired to create a compilation of my lived experiences to help people understand, in that place of hopelessness also exists that place of empowerment and we all have a profound resilience greater than the mind can comprehend. Our intentions create our reality and our beliefs make it so. My story and past didn’t change….I did. 

Book reviews by survivors of domestic violence....

The author supplied real advice with real situations, and it made the transitions to the next chapter relatable and understandable. I enjoyed the emotional ride throughout; it most definitely displays the struggle for DV on leaving and the constant battles one fights in their mind – however, it shows that with healing, days can become brighter and much lighter. The reference to counselling conversations was a nice addition. - Survivor 


Her stories are mine too, some of them identical. I realize that I am not alone in my experience; what I went through WAS real.

Cher has a beautiful gift of choosing words to explain perfectly the complexity of feelings and insidiousness that transpires in an abusive relationship.  –  Survivor 


Reading your poems felt like I was speaking my truth of what actually happened. The last chapter made me hopeful for the present and future, that we can shine the light that was dimmed for too long. I would definitely recommend this book to another person who is in any stage of recovery or to anyone wanting to understand and offer support to survivors. - Survivor

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I am passionate about helping others transform their life through healthy thought habits

to live the life their spirit seeks. 

 My experiences led me down a spiritual path of enlightenment and conscious awareness leading to life more joyful than I thought possible.

I'm excited to share the transformational tools I've acquired through

years of dedication to understanding myself and the human condition.

Let go of self-judgments, resentments, fears, unhealthy relationships and negative self talk. 

Learn how to navigate change, boundaries and your emotional landscape.

Respond mindfully to activated people, stressors, life changes.

Find forgiveness, peace and your illumination within. 

Happiness isn’t something you find, it’s what you achieve as a result of

living life from the inside out and honouring your authentic voice!

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Cher Obediah Speaker, Storyteller, Survivor

Hamilton Ontario Canada   /  ceeit@live.ca